All scheduling requests for the 2020-2021 season must be sent to CeeBeesSchedule@gmail.com.

Please  Note:

Only players listed on HL teams are permitted on the ice.

Please check team rosters prior to arriving at the area as there have been numerous updates!

It is extremely important to check the schedule regularly as there may be changes!!

Saturday, February 6th

8:00am  PeeWee Rep 1/3 (Rm 1/2)

9:00am  Midget Tournament

11:30-12:30am  Atom Rep 2 (Rm 1)

12:30pm  Atom Rep 1 (Rm 5)

1:30 -2:45 Midget Tournament

2:45pm  Pre-Novice Group 2 (Rm 5)

3:45pm  Midget Tournament

5:30pm  PeeWee Rep 1 (Rm 5)

6:30pm  Midget Tournament

Sunday, February 7th

8:30am  Midget Tournament

11:30am Female U20 House League (Rm 6)

Monday, February 8th

4:00pm  Midget Rep 1/2 (Rm 1/2)

5:00pm  Power skating 1 (Rm 3/4)

6:00pm  PeeWee Flames vs Jets (Rm 1/2)

7:00pm  Female U12/15 (Rm 5)

8:00pm  Power Skating 3 (Rm 3/4)

Tuesday, February 9th

4:00pm  Cancelled

5:00pm  Cancelled

6:00pm  Cancelled

7:00pm  Cancelled

8:00pm  Cancelled

Wednesday, February 10th

4:00pm  Female U20 House League (Rm 6)

5:00pm  PeeWee Rep 1/3 (Rm 1/2)

6:00pm  Atom Rep 1 (Rm 3)

7:00pm  Breakaway

8:00pm  Midget House League (Rm 1/2)

Thursday, February 11th

4:00pm  Bantam Bruins vs Ducks (Rm 1/2)

5:00pm  Bantam Rep 1 (Rm 3)

6:30pm  Goalie Clinic

Friday, February 12th

4:00pm  Power Skating 2 (Rm 1/2)

5:00pm  Female U15 Rep (Rm 5/6)

Saturday, February 13th

8:00am  Pre-Novice Group 2

3:15pm  Atom Rep 2/3

7:00pm  Female U20 Rep

Sunday, February 14th

8:00am  Pre-Novice Group 1

11:30am  Novice