Please note that Wendy will be at the DCHGCC on Monday, November 19th from 7:30-8:30 pm, Tuesday, November 20th from 6:00 – 7:00 pm and Thursday, November 22nd from 7:00 – 8:00 pm to collect all outstanding chocolate and Christmas Calendar Draw ticket money. All unsold tickets must be returned by Monday, November 19th as people are looking for more. 

It is very important that unsold tickets be returned as our goal is to sell out. Remember that funds from last years Christmas Calendar Draw helped contribute to a decrease in everyone’s registration cost this year!

A reminder as well that the 50th Anniversary Dinner and Dance is November 30th and tickets can also be purchased from Wendy.

Scheduling requests for the 2018-2019 season must be directed to the scheduling email at ceebeesschedule@gmail.com.

Please note for a team to be left off the schedule an approved travel form from the association must be sent along with your request. Personal calls, emails and texts to the scheduler will not be permitted

Saturday, November 17th

8:00am  Bay Arena (Rm 1) vs.   Whitbourne (Rm 3)
9:00am  Northeast (Rm 5) vs Clarenville. (Rm 4)
10:00am  Gander (Rm 2)  vs Whitbourne (Rm 3)
11:00am  CeeBees (Rm 1) vs Northeast (Rm 5)
12:00am  Gander (Rm 2) vs Bay Arena (Rm 3)


CeeBees (Rm 1) vs Clarenville (Rm 4)
2:30pm  2nd Div. 2 vs 3rd Div 1
3:30pm  2nd Div 1 vs 3rd Div. 2
4:30pm  Winner Game 7 vs 1st Div. 1
5:30pm – 7:00pm  Midget Rep 3 (Rm 5)

Sunday, November 18th

8:00am   Winner Game 8 vs 1st Div. 2
9:00am   Loser Game 7 vs Loser Game 8

Monday, November 19th

4:00pm  PeeWee Rep 1  (Rm 1)
5:00pm  Atom Canucks & Senators (Rm.     3/4)
6:00pm  Esso Fun Days (Rm 6)
7:00pm  Midget Leafs & Jets  (Rm 3/4)
8:00pm  Bantam Bruins & Sharks (Rm 1/2)

Tuesday, November 20th

4:00pm  Midget Rep 2 (Rm 1)
5:00pm  PeeWee Rep 2 (Rm 2)
6:00pm – 7:30pm  Goalie Clinic (Rm 3/4)
7:30 – 9:00pm  Atom Rep 1 (Rm 1)

Wednesday, November 21st

4:00pm  Bantam Rep 1  (Rm 1)
5:00pm  Atom Senators & Oilers  (Rm.   3/4)
6:00pm  PeeWee Rep 3 (Rm 2)
7:00pm  BR8KAWAY Hockey (Rm 5)
8:00pm  Midget Rep 3 (Rm 1)

Thursday, November 22nd

4:00pm  Pre-Novice  (Rm 1/2)
5:00pm  Novice (Rm 3)
6:00pm  Atom Rep 3 (Rm 4)
7:00pm  Female U15 Rep (Rm 6)
8:00pm  Bantam Rep 2 (Rm 1)

Friday, November 23rd

4:00pm  Midget Rep 1 (Rm 1)
5:00pm  Female U20 Rep (Rm 6)
6:00pm  Atom Rep 2 (Rm 2)
7:00pm  PeeWee Wings & Flyers (Rm 3/4)

Saturday, November 24th

See Max Shute Tournament schedule attached to email.

5:30-7:00pm – Private Rental

Sunday, November 25th

See Max Shute Tournament schedule attached to email.

11:30am – Novice


Max Shute Memorial tournament 2018

Division 1                   Division 2

Cee Bees                     Caribous

Rovers                         Pacers

Tee Pees                      Eagles

( ) dressing room

Home – Dark Jersey    Away – Light Jersey

Saturday, Nov 24th                                                   

                         Home            Away

8:00am  Rovers (1) Tee Pees (2)
9:00am  Eagles (3) Caribous (4)
10:00am  Cee Bees (5) Tee Pees (2)
11:00am  Caribous  (4) Pacers (1)
12:00pm  Opening Ceremonies
12:30pm  Cee Bees (5) Rovers (3)
1:30pm  Pacers (1) Eagles (2)
2:30pm  2nd Division2  3rd division 1
3:30pm  2nd Division1  3rd Division 2
4:30pm 1st Division Winner of Game 7

Sunday, Nov 25th

8:00 am 1st Div 2 Winner Game 8
9:00 am Loser Game 7 Loser Game 8

Dear Atom Coordinators and Coaching Staff:

The Cee Bees Max Shute Memorial Tournament this year will feature two divisions A and B.  Each division will have 3 teams in total with each team guaranteed 2 games during the round play.

The following rules/guidelines will apply during the tournament:

  • HNL fair play rules will be followed
  • 5 goal differential on scoreboard.  10 goal Mercy Rule.
  • Each game will consist of 3 10  min stop time periods. In the event that a game is running late, straight time for the game play will occur.  Ice will be flooded at the end of each game.
  • In the event of a tie in either division, HNL tie breaking rules will apply.
  • The home team will wear dark jerseys.
  • If a player lays on the ice and has to be attended to by a member of the coaching staff, that player is ineligible to play for the remainder of the period.
  • Please have your team ready 10 min before start time for each game so that games don’t fall behind schedule.
  • A 3 min warm up will be granted for each game
  • Please leave dressing rooms clean for the next team
  • Dressing room 6 is our designated female dressing room
  • Player of the game will be given out by their respective teams in the dressing room after the games

Thank You, and Let’s Have Fun