Jersey Database

Please click on the following link to download our Jersey Database MASTER JERSEY November 2023.xlsx – All Names

  • Please contact for Jersey Payment
  • Please contact for Number Approval

New Jersey Policy (things to remember)

Read Carefully……….Please direct all correspondence regarding jerseys to

  1. Ordering these jerseys are totally optional, but all jersey orders must be ordered and registered through CBMHA. Maintaining a numbers database through the association is a requirement, not an option.
  2. CeeBees will be collecting $135 for the jersey, price depends on amount ordered. Future seasons may see jersey prices may rise slightly.
  3. IMPORTANT: When looking through the database, look at the birth year of your child, plus a year older and younger, to ensure nobody in these 3 years has this number already. Example: Lucas Adams has #11, born in 2001. No child born in 2000 or 2002 (year younger and older) can choose to wear #11 either. Lucas will be playing with the 2000’s one year and the 2002’s the next year. We have to avoid jersey number clashes. This is why all orders must go through CBMHA and get approval. Girls need to look at 2 years older and 2 years younger.
  4. While CBMHA will still be making association jerseys available free of charge to any player not purchasing a reversible one, there’s no way we can guarantee a player’s favourite number will be available. That situation is no different than any other year, we simply deal with what we have available in each division. More specifically, players using association issued jerseys will be provided with a number that doesn’t clash with any other player on their respective teams who’ve purchased a reversible jersey. So while we will do our best to accommodate a players request, a player using an association issued jersey may have to accept a different number from year to year. Over time, of course the association jerseys will wear out, and eventually all registered players will be required to purchase their own jersey, much like their own skates, helmets or pants, etc.