Craig Shute Memorial Under 12 Girls Invitational Tournament

Craig was the corner stone for Ceebees Female Hockey and was also instrumental in developing our under 12 girls program.  Craig spent countless hours not only locally but on a provincial level as well, promoting girls hockey.   Craig was so passionate and enthusiastic in promoting girls hockey that he applied for our first Girls Esso Fun Days which was held in April of that year and was very successful as we attribute this to our increase in registration for under 12 girls from 8 – 23.

Craig was always asked to MC opening ceremonies and Craig would often chuckle and say “no way, not doing it”.  So all too often during openings for tournaments you could look up and see Craig going back and forth to the minor hockey room.  He was the behind the scenes “go to person” and not wanting to take any credit.

Craig would always disappear at the HNL general meetings but you didn’t have to wonder what was wrong……Craig was off talking to someone about getting a tournament or a game of hockey for one of our divisions……..and with such an outgoing personality he always came back with a list of contacts and phone numbers……..Craig’s idea of playing hockey did not mean you played ONLY in Hr. Grace.

Kelsey and Kristen Shute (daughters) have cherished friendships with the Whitbourne Association as Craig would spend many nights at the Whitbourne Stadium with the parents, coaches and chatting with Eric Clarke while the girls practiced or played hockey with the team of Whitbourne girls.  And as a parent in the same division as Craig, there are memories of him taking Brandon (son) and teammates to wherever he could get them.  Montreal, St. Pierre and pretty much all around the province.  Brandon I know has lasting friendships with great hockey buddies.  Stephanie as well has contact with individuals met through hockey travels and has received great support from them over the past years.  FRIENDSHIPS THAT WERE ALL INITIATED BY ONE INDIVIDUAL – CRAIG SHUTE.

The Craig Shute Memorial Tournament is meant for ALL players to have fun and especially friendship, something that we all know Craig would definitely want.  Craig’s volunteer hours will never be forgotten by CEE BEES Minor Hockey.

As you play hockey here this weekend at the S. W. Moores Memorial Stadium, his family and CEE BEES minor hockey executive ask all the players to have lots of fun and respect your teammates… remember Craig Shute and keep him near and dear to your heart as you play in his memory this weekend and form many lasting friendships.

LLoyd Neil Memorial Bantam Rep 1 Tournament

Lloyd Neil passed away 13 years ago at an age much too young. Lloyd was a tremendous human being, he was all about family and he was certainly known for his hockey abilities. Lloyd’s name is still coming up in hockey conversations about how good of a player he really was.

When we have these memorial tournaments, it is always to honour and remember someone who has gone before us. Lloyd Neil is a perfect example of someone we would want to remember and honour.

To the players here this weekend, respect your teammates, coaches, officials and opponents. This is how Lloyd Neil would play whenever he stepped on the ice. There would be no better way to remember and honour Lloyd Neil.

John Thomey Peewee 2 Invitational Tournament

Mr. John Thomey was a fixture at our stadium for many years both as a player and coach. His teammates and players were always greeted with a friendly smile when they entered the rink, regardless of the hour. John was a guiding influence to many young hockey players through his years as a coach in our organization. He helped mold them as players and human beings.

John proudly wore #3 for the Senior CeeBees team for many years. You will see his name on the Herder Memorial Trophy many times as a CeeBee. He was a member of the first Conception Bay CeeBees team who won the Herder in 1960.

John truly was a fan of the game who loved to play, coach or just watch at any level. To the players and coaches participating in this tournament, please remember to enjoy the game and all it has to offer as John Thomey did.

Memorial for Bobby and Jerry Thoms

Bobby and Jerry were two brothers from Carbonear who had a tragic accident on Labrador while fishing in the summer of 1979. Both boys were fishing with their father when they went overboard into the waters surrounding Labrador. This tragic accident happened on August 11, 1979. Both brothers were players with CBN minor hockey (it was called at that time). Bobby was 11 years old and Gerry was 13.

They shared the ice with teammates and loved the sport. Gerry guarded the net as goalie and his younger brother Bobby was a defenceman.

This year marks the 36th anniversary of that tragic accident. CEE BEES minor Hockey plays memory to our two Peewee boys and are honored to have the PEE WEE tournament in their memory. Bobby would have been 47 this year and Gerry 49. “It only seems like yesterday” words from his mother.

Don Osbourne

Don was an Upper Island Cove Native and a fixture at the SW Moores Memorial Stadium for a lifetime. Both of our midget coaches tonight can remember how much time he spent there during their minor hockey days. If he wasn’t there, there was something wrong…..even though most of the time he could be found up on the rail by the old Minor Hockey Room in the canteen picking off French fries from anyone who walked along. He and another Cee Bees icon Bud Chafe would be in the canteen in the old barn many nights looking for a plate of onion rings each before they went home.

Don was a member of the Cee Bees Minor Hockey executive for several years and before that he was a staple with the Upper Island Cove Minor Hockey. He coached along side of another well known Cee Bees Coach, Fred Chafe forever even though he never had a child involved with minor hockey himself. His interest was merely the kids themselves and making sure everyone could play the game we love so much. He had much success as a coach all the way up through the system winning Provincial Banners from Atom to Midget all around our province and even as far as Coal Harbour, Nova Scotia. He was named Coach of the Year in 1989. Interesting fact since the Rovers are with us tonight … Don was on the bench at the very first All NL held at the Bay Arena and coached his team to win the provincial banner there. He also coached the UIC Intermediate Kinstones for a season (Cee Bees didn’t ice a team that year) and the year after that he played a key role in the return of the Senior Cee Bees, and took on a coaching role with them. On top of all the coaching, he was one of the best fundraisers the Cee Bees have ever seen…….he could raise money when there was no money to be got! Don also tried his hand as a referee and after his coaching days were done, he was the HNL Coordinator for many provincial tournaments held in the old barn.

Don will always be remembered as a Cee Bee and was truly a volunteer for the association as a whole. As you’re leaving tonight, take a look at the award in the trophy case in our lobby in his memory and hold on to your French fries as we’re sure his spirit will always be here with us.

Brandon Harris

Brandon was a smart, caring all-around athlete whose minor hockey career was cut short a few months before he graduated from Midget. Brandon was often the most sportsman like player of any sport that he played. He was always the one to hold the team together and could always be counted on to get the much needed goal. In other words, he was the Nuts and Bolts of the team.

At the beginning of his last hockey season in 2014, Brandon reminded one of his coaches that he and his fellow graduating teammates had never ever won a provincial banner. They all vowed that this would be the year that they would win it. So it began….they played their first invitational tournament in Placentia and went undefeated to win the gold beating the Lions 5-1 in the final with Brandon scoring 2 goals. A few weeks later the unthinkable happened and the Cee Bees association, more specifically, the Midget A team lost Brandon.

After Brandon’s passing the team said they would play the entire 2014/15 season as a tribute to him. Every game following the loss of Brandon, his jersey held a spot in the dressing room, hung behind the bench for every game, and followed the team through every handshake line. They went on to play an undefeated season, in other words they never lost a game! This included the provincial banner that was won at home in the SW Moores Memorial Stadium. Brandon’s jersey was raised at the opening ceremonies of that tournament and a few of the midget players on the ice tonight had the honor of attending that ceremony as novice players. I’m sure they remember that day even though they were only 8 or 9 themselves. So tonight, as you look up at Brandon’s Banner, play with your hearts as you are so good at doing and play in his honor. Brandon’s legacy will live on in this team as the rituals and traditions will be carried on from year to year. His spirit will also be in this new arena with us, in more ways than one.