Head Coaches for the 2015-16 Season

MIDGET REP 1   –   Brian Donovan
MIDGET REP 2   –   Tom Whalen

BANTAM REP 1   –   Paul Squires

PEEWEE REP 1   –   Dean Whelan
PEEWEE REP 2   –   Joe Haire

ATOM REP 1    –   Mike Drover
ATOM REP 2    –

U15 FEMALE    –   Doug Taylor
U12 FEMALE    –   Dean Shute

Some Coaching Reminders

  1. Please contact  and communicate with each other if you are unable to make a practice.  It is your responsibility to contact Brendan Chafe if neither coach is available for your practice.  Please don’t have our players without coaches on the ice.  It is not fair to them to travel to the arena and to find out they have no coaching supervision.  So we ask that if the coaches are unable to make the practice please notify our coaching director in a reasonable time frame to allow him to find a coach who is able to go on the ice.  Thanks for your cooperation.  
  2. When there is house league practice  we ask that you practice as house league teams.  Do not use this as a Rep 1  or Rep 2 practice.  Please practice as house league teams as indicated on  the weekly schedule.


Reminder that all teams travelling to exhibition games or tournaments are required to have a travel form.  Please have request for travel forms into me Dean Whelan by noon on Thursday’s.  This will ensure that it is done in a timely fashion with Hockey NL.  If there is an extenuating circumstance and you receive an invite to an exhibition game at late notice- please call my cell and I will try and arrange an approval with Hockey NL.  But you are encouraged to comply with Hockey NL policy and get the approved form back by 3pm on Friday.Approval can only be given by Hockey NL and the President of the associations.