Vaccine Passport Plan DCHGCC

–      As of tomorrow, October 22nd we will be implementing COVID-19 Vaccine Passport Verification.

–      Everyone, with the exception of participants, ages 12-18, will need to be verified and fully vaccinated to be permitted to enter the facility

–      This includes parents, coaches, officials (over 18), siblings and other relatives, volunteers, employees, vendors etc. entering the facility

–      QR codes and photo ids will be required.

–      If an individual is unable to provide proof of vaccination he/she will not be permitted to enter the facility

–      Entrance will be through the main entrance only.  No one will be permitted to enter through any other door.  If someone does they will be required to exit and come to the main entrance for verification.

–      If someone is found to be opening side/back doors to allow another person into the facility to avoid being verified both persons will be expelled from the building.  This could also result in cancellation of ice time for a group.

–      Facility staff will be on-site to conduct verification during normal operational hours.  We ask that you notify your groups that confrontational behaviour will not be tolerated.

–      Doors may be locked between on-ice activities or a short time after activities begin.  If you arrive at the facility to find locked doors wait and staff will open them in time for the next group to prepare for their session.

–      Please ask groups to arrive 30 minutes, but no later than 15 minutes, before the start of their respective session.  So if you are to be on the ice at 3pm you should arrive at the facility between 2:30 and 2:45. There will be times when an Attendant will be the only staff working and will have to clean the ice and attend to other duties and therefore will not be able to be at the main entrance in the 15 minutes before the start of the next session.  Doors will be locked at such times.

–      When exiting the building please follow posted signs.  No one is to exit out the main entrance.  Please ask all members of your groups to follow this procedure.  Some folks have been ignoring the signs.  Ask staff for clarification on site if needed.

–      During larger events security will be onsite to administer verification.  Same rules will apply as above.

–      If volunteers are used to conduct the verification process for events those individuals will be required to maintain the rules and ensure everyone entering the facility is verified as fully vaccinated before admission is granted.

The Danny Cleary Harbour Grace Community Centre will work with all groups to make the process as easy as possible.

Please note: Centre Staff will not engage in confrontation with anyone but RCMP will be called if anyone is belligerent or refuses to exit. I don’t believe we will experience such behaviour but it is important to note just in case there is such a situation.

I know there are still unanswered questions as there is a myriad of scenarios that can arise.  Please reach out to me directly if you or anyone in your groups has concerns or questions.  Also, if you have contact info for a group that I may not have included here please let me know.

Aiden Hibbs | Facility Manager
Danny Cleary Harbour Grace Community Centre
Town of Harbour Grace
P. O. Box 365
Harbour Grace, NL A0A 2M0
Phone: 709.596.6201  Cell:  709.725.8334