The Val Slaney Foundation Scholarship (Deadline March 14th)

To All Coaches, Players and Parents,

The Val Slaney Foundation Inc. is a not-for-profit organization whose
purpose and main goal is to help create a positive impact on the overall
community. We pride ourselves, just as Val Slaney did, on being able to provide
support to various individuals, groups, and organizations.

The Val Slaney Foundation is proud to announce that we will again be
awarding The Val Slaney Foundation Scholarship of $500 this year.

As many of you know, Val was a selfless volunteer who gave countless
hours to the Ceebees Minor Hockey association, as well as the HGOE CeeBee
Stars. He was a man of character and integrity, and always had the best interests
of the youth in the back of his mind.

This scholarship will be awarded to a player who exhibits those same
qualities. Someone who has made an impact on their friends, families, and
community. If you think this is something that relates to you, your child, or a
player on your team, please apply for the scholarship.

How to apply:
1) The nominee must be a registered player in the Ceebees Minor Hockey
2) Send an email to
3) In your email be sure to include the players name, the players phone number,
and their current level of hockey. As well, we request that you send a 250-word
paragraph outlining what makes the player deserving of the scholarship. This
could include volunteering efforts, a good deed they did for someone in their
community, or multiple small things they do on a daily basis to help promote a
more positive world. No effort is too big or too small, that’s the glory of giving
4) Deadline for applications is March 14, 2022.

– The Val Slaney Foundation