Rep Teams

CeeBees are very pleased to be able to offer their players some Rep Team hockey for the 2020-21 hockey season. Such hockey was only possible after a lot of hard work by many people from the CMO, HNL, to our youngest players. Please read the following reminders carefully.

Important Rep Team Tryouts Notes:

1. The U11, U13 and U15 A and B teams will consist of 12 skaters. Coaches will rotate players for games.
2. U11 and U13 will have a final 1-hour tryout for players interested in forming a C team on Friday, January 15th. The cost of $10 is to be paid before players go on the ice. Once the C teams are named, alternate players will be named and used when opportunity arises. Due to many Covid restrictions and fewer registered nearby Association teams, C teams will not be guaranteed any games and may not be provided an opportunity to play in the final TriPen Showdown weekend.
3. U18 will have A and B teams with 12 skaters each. Three players will be AP’s with the Midget B team. Those three players will attend all practices and be used as call up players when the opportunity arises. CeeBees Minor are actively looking for goalies for the Midget teams.
4. Goalies for U11, U13 and U15 will be assigned as follows:
U11 – A Team (2), B Team (1)
U13 – A Team (2), B Team (2)
U15 – A Team (2), B Team (2)
To hold their respective divisional positions goalies above will be assigned to the C practices. If the C Team has games, a goalie will be provided to the team. If the C Team cannot participate in the TriPen Showdown, goalies will play assigned to the A and B teams based on their evaluation rankings.
5. Rep Team fees will be set by the Association and must be paid before a player can attend a Rep Team Tournament. Any player with unpaid fees will be removed from and replaced on the respective Rep Team roster.
6. The TriPen tournament schedule, which will include the CeeBees host tournament dates will be released as soon as it is complete. Tournaments are happening as early as this weekend.