President’s Update – March 1st

Hi everyone,

With some recent Covid cases popping up in our association over the last few days, I felt it important to share this update with you all. Yesterday, Monday, Feb 28th, we’ve had positive cases identified in U9, U11 and U15 and today, Tuesday, March 1st, in U18. With the timing of yesterdays cases being announced we made a quick decision to cancel practices in the affected divisions. A decision I stand by and support. But after discussions today with HNL it was relayed to me that we don’t need to shut down a division if a positive case is identified, based on the new Public Health guidelines. Obviously if we continue to shut down divisions based on a positive case, everything will be shut down before long.

Based on my conversation with HNL, here’s what I was told to share with our members.

If a positive case is identified in a certain division, (obviously the positive case, would need to disclose with the coordinator or coach for this to work). Once the positive case is identified, it’s up to you, (the child and parent) to determine if you were a close contact. If you consider your child a close contact, please follow the flowchart found on our site. But the division won’t be cancelled based on a positive case being identified. With that being said, please continue to monitor the schedule daily as changes may occur at any given time.

Here’s the link to the flowchart.

Stay safe Ceebees!