President’s Message

I want to take a minute to update everyone of the happenings over the last couple days with our CeeBees Family. A positive case of Covid-19 was identified and contact tracing was conducted within the U13 group in HG. With that said our U13 practice groups and U13 powerskating group will be taken off the schedule for a minimum of 14 days (details coming soon on goalie camp).

I spoke with the CMO of HNL today because I wanted clarification on how to handle the other divisions. His response was, all other group(s) are still permitted to carry on with regular programming, only the U13 groups are the ones that needed to take the 14 day break. I want to assure everyone that there is a steady line of communication with Ceebees Minor, HNL and Public Health officials, and this situation is being constantly monitored. With that being said, if anything new arises that needs to be passed along to our membership it will be done immediately. Let’s hope that this is as far as it goes. Please remember, this is in our hockey family, we are all in this together, so do your part to help stop its spread, get tested if you’re required, please be kind to each other and stay safe CeeBees. Together we will beat this!

Brian Donovan

President CeeBees Minor Hockey