President’s Message

Hi Ceebees,

I’ve decided that my time as an executive member and president of Ceebees Minor has come to an end. After 12 years as vice president and 3 as your president I’ve lost the drive needed to continue. Simply put, my fire for it has burnt out. Being an executive member is a privilege and an honour, not mention a ton of work, you have to sit in that chair and wear that hat to realize how much day to day things need to be done for our association to run. At times it can be very overwhelming, but I feel we have a great executive with a ton of young energetic people very capable of carrying our Ceebee torch.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve built relationships and made great friends as a member of our board, friends that I’ll have a lifetime. Hopefully I helped do more positive for our association than negative.

Some highlights I’m proud to have been a part of include: starting the Bud Cup while Bud Chafe was alive to witness and take part in, implement our own reversible jerseys, introduce a two tier minor hockey system, design a new Ceebees logo during our 50th anniversary, make the move from SW Moores to our new DCCC and finally help manage our association through a world pandemic. Lots of landscape changes to say the least.

With that said I’ll still be around the rink , I’ll still be coaching U15 and if anyone ever wants to chat, don’t hesitate to reach out. I have no problem passing along anything that helps our association keep evolving. I feel our association is in great hands capable of doing great things. Thanks for being part of my hockey family over the years, it’s a time I wouldn’t change for anything.

A Ceebee for Life!