President’s Message

Hey CeeBees, 

​Happy Easter Ceebees, on behalf of your Ceebees Executive, Id like to take the time to address our association before we head out to all parts of Newfoundland this week for our Provincial tournaments. 

To our coaches and volunteers, please remember HNLs fair play rules are an honour system. While we want expect our coaches to want to win, we want you to please remember that every player wants to play. Give all your players a role and let them play it, because winning as a team is much more rewarding than winning at all costs. Wed also like to thank you for all youve given and continue to give to our kids and our association. Without your commitment and dedication our Ceebees cant exist. Remember a coach has great respect from players.  You have a major influence on them as they look up to you for guidance and direction.  With that comes great responsibility. Use it wisely and make a positive impact on our players, encourage them to be their best and help them achieve, when you do you’ll be rewarded regardless of the games outcome. 

To our CeeBees players, Easter has always been the time of year when you and your teammates get to play and compete for Provincial Banners. So when you get the chance to sit in that dressing room over Easter break, and pull that CeeBees jersey down over your head, get out there and give your all, leave everything you have on the ice so when the final buzzer sounds, youll have no regrets. On the ice, respect your teammates, your coaches, your opponents and the officials. Off the ice, respect your parents/guardians, zamboni drivers, rink attendants, hotel staffs and anyone else you cross paths with. Thats how hockey players do it. Thats how the CeeBees do it! –  Respect All, Fear None.

To our CeeBees parents and guardians, we wish you all the best during your travels, please drive safely, enjoy your time on the road with your hockey friends and make new memories. Soak up the laughs, before you know it, itll be all over.

Lastly, to our graduates, you guys get one last tournament to play and wear our colours one more time. Soak it up gang, this is what youve been playing for since you started playing years ago. Go out and play hard, wear your heart on your sleeve and lay it all on the line. When the final horn sounds, win or lose, it doesnt really matter. When that horn sounds youll probably want to cry and feel sad, and wonder where all the time went. But please remember, when one chapter ends another one begins. We just hope that minor hockey has given you the tools needed to help you as you start your next chapter. When you all get a little older, get an education and settle down, we expect you all back to be future mentors and coaches and give back to the game that has given you so much. We cant wait.

In closing, Id like to share a quote I always used on my teams through the years. I still write it on a piece of hockey tape and stick it to the dressing room door anytime our players lose focus. The tape reads, There are no shortcuts to any place worth going” Go get em CeeBees!!

Good luck this Easter from your CeeBees Executive.