Joint HL Announcement

House League Team Selection / League Play

Welcome to the initial season of the Baccalieu Joint Hockey League. The Cee Bee’s and Bay
Arena Minor Hockey Associations are proud to start this new league together in order to
enhance interest in our House League programs while providing opportunities for higher quality
games and a more enjoyable league format.

Below are some points about the team selection process and how league games will be

Team Selection Process:

● Teams were selected in each division using at least one coach from each association to
help assess players to create balanced teams. Rep team selections and house league
practices will be used to evaluate the children on an A,B,C level.
● These teams are then passed onto the House League Directors of each association for
● Reassessment of teams in a division may be done by the House League coordinators of
both associations upon request by at least half of the coaches in such division. Teams
must play every other team at least once and factors such as player attendance will be
taken into consideration before any changes will be made.
● Accommodation can be made in team selections for siblings and travel concerns. In
situations such as this team balance was still taken into consideration when selecting
● All players will be provided a jersey which they can keep. No replacements will be

League Play:

● Under 11,13 and 15 league play will be three ten minute stop time periods with each
shift being two minutes in length. U18 will not have a buzzer system.
● Games will follow the A,B,C system of play when available. First period will be C,B,A,C,B
then the second period will be A,C,B,A,C and the third will be B,A,C,B,A. This is done to
ensure that in the event of a team pulling their goalie an A level player will not be on the
ice with lower level players. The goal is to have the A line finish the game.
● In cases where attendance is low or coaches deem it necessary games may go to a two
line format with the B line starting the game and the A line ending.
● Games are fairplay and A players should only play on the A line and so forth. In a case
where there is a higher skilled player with lower skill, we encourage coaches to tell the
higher skilled player to play defense and refrain from scoring.
● In some divisions teams will have one or two goalies. Games with two or four goalies,
the goalies will play with their assigned teams. Games where there are three goalies
they will rotate between teams and play two periods each. In playoff games even with
three goalies they will play with assigned teams.
● Statistics and league standing will be updated using the Ramp website. After each game
a representative (coach, team coordinator) from the winning team will need to take a
picture of the game sheet and email it to the following addresses

● After the completion of the regular season there will be a playoff and league champion

Players will receive their jerseys before their first game, please try to arrive at the stadium at
least 30 minutes prior to the start of your first game.