TO: All Associations, Teams, Leagues & Committees

HNL Board Members

Life Members

DATE:            February 17, 2023

FROM:           Craig Tulk, Executive Director


This is to inform everyone that Hockey NL is now accepting award/bursary nominations for the 2022-2023 hockey season.

All nominations are now filed online via the following link:  We hope this process enhances the feasibility and increases the number of nominations from the membership. Please note we will not be accepting any other forms of submissions other than through this link.

It is very important that we receive nominations from the membership.  It’s so important to recognize individuals who deserve recognition through the Hockey NL provincial award platform.  Celebrating Members Success is a key component of our annual Strategic Planning, and we need your involvement.

We have committed resources this coming year, to properly honor our volunteers and we encourage each and every member to structure an internal nomination process, so we have a host of names to consider this season during our Annual Awards Banquet in June.

Should any member encounter any issues in submitting their nomination(s), our staff will be there to support you in assisting with any technical support required.

The following is a list of awards:

B.F. Lorenzetti Bursary

Brian Wakelin Executive of the Year Award

Charlie McCarthy Memorial Award

Female Promotional Award

Gerry Taylor Memorial Eastern Meritorious Award

Joe Byrne Development Honor Roll Award

Minor Association/Community Club of The Year Award

Minor Hockey Scholarship

Minor Meritorious Awards

Ray Bowe Award of Merit

Ron Healey Memorial Award

Deadline for submission of all awards/bursaries is April 15, 2023.


Craig Tulk

Executive Director,

Hockey NL