Goalie Sessions

Dear Cee Bees Minor Hockey Goalies, Parents and Guardians,

CeeBees are proud to announce that Trevor Dixon will be offering some goalie sessions exclusively for CeeBees goalies.

The cost is $72 for 6 – 1 hr sessions with a plan to complete all sessions starting in the week of November 9th and end by Christmas.

To reserve your place in the sessions, the $72 must be paid in advance.

Parents can email Gary Barrett (gbarrett26@hotmail.com) their child’s information (Full Name and DOB) and submit the payment via EMT to ceebeesminorhockey@gmail.com


1. CeeBees will try their best to schedule the sessions at the same time each week, but some sessions may have to vary.
2. Unless noted by the executive goalies must pay and attend all sessions.
3. No refunds will be provided for missed sessions.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Gary Barrett if you have any questions @ gbarrett26@hotmail.com