Cee Bees Minor Hockey Power Skating/Skill Development 2022

Please complete the form using the link below if you would like to register for 10 hours of Power Skating/Skill Development starting in January 2022. The cost will be the same as the first half of the season, $125 for 10 hours and this needs to be e-transferred to ceebeesminorhockey@gmail.com. Please make the password: ‘Edward’ and include in the message that the money is for power skating and/or power skating skill development camp.Please note the following changes to these sessions starting January 2022.U7/U9 – No changes, these players will continue to work specifically on power skating drills, as this is of the utmost importance for players of this age. Drills will be designed to focus on edgework (inside and outside edges), and to improve upon each and every player’s balance, coordination, and quickness.U11, U13, U15, U18 – These players will be offered a combination of power skating as well as skill development sessions, working on skills such as puck handling, passing, and shooting, all while utilizing power skating skills. This will give players in these age groups the opportunity to improve upon their individual skill sets, while also making them become more confident and efficient in their skating abilities. Players of all abilities will benefit from these sessions as they will be grouped according to skill level and put through drills that will allow them to flourish.
Please note that time slots are tentatively the same as the first half of the season but groups could change based on the number of registrants. However, if a certain time slot doesn’t work then it is possible to sign up with another group if the circumstances work out.
Group 1 (U7,U9) – Wednesdays 5-6
Group 2 (U11) – Wednesdays 4-5
Group 3 (U13, U15, U18) – Tuesdays 6-7
If you have any questions please feel free to email Matthew at matthew.thomey@gmail.com