Bud Cup President’s Message

Hi all,

Each season since 2013/14, we close out our house league season with the presentation of the Bud Cup.  The 2021/22 season marks the 9th year for the Bud Cup House League playoffs. The Bud Cup was first awarded on March 29th, 2014 as an honor to a CeeBees Legend, Mr. Albert (Bud) Chafe.

Bud was an integral part our our CeeBees Minor Hockey Association since it’s formation in 1958. He was there and first coached as a member of our association since day one. When SW Moores was a brand new facility, Mr. Chafe was just starting out his coaching career. With too many accolades to mention, Bud coached for 55 plus seasons with our CeeBees and stood as a voice on our board as executive member and ultimately our President. After giving our kids and our communities 55 plus years of volunteerism, it’s safe to say Mr. Bud Chafe is a true CeeBees Legend.Early in the 2013/14 hockey season, I was fortunate enough to sit on the CeeBees Executive Board. It was discussed at a meeting that we wanted to honor Bud for everything he’s given to us both on and off the ice. While it’s customary to honor great volunteers by naming something after them when they pass, I guess we broke the mold for Bud. We found a way to honor him while he was still with us, still at the rink talking it up with anyone and everyone who wanted to listen. We wanted for Bud to be part of the Bud Cup celebrations and let him know what he meant to the history of the CeeBees. Thankfully, he was there on March 29, 2014 and Bud himself presented the first ever Bud Cup championship. Maggie Janes was the first ever CeeBee to hoist the Cup, and the look on Bud’s face was nothing short of priceless.Up until his death in 2020, Mr. Chafe was fortunate enough to watch and present every championship team his Cup from 2014-2019.With Covid-19 stealing the last two Bud Cup (2020 and 2021) presentations, this season marks the first season the Cup will be awarded by someone other than Bud. This year is a special year as all 8 of Bud’s children will be presenting the Cup in honor of their dad. Debbie, Nellie, Maurice, Kevin, Harold, Ralph, Albert and Fred will each take their turn presenting their dad’s Cup to the winning team. I’m sure Bud will be there as well.It is our hope that all players and parents/guardians can take the time this weekend, come to the rink, play and watch our season end event and take time to reflect on everything that this remarkable man has given this proud association.See you at the rink!Brian