Scheduling requests for the 2018-2019 season must be directed to the scheduling email at ceebeesschedule@gmail.com.

Please note for a team to be left off the schedule an approved travel form from the association must be sent along with your request. Personal calls, emails and texts to the scheduler will not be permitted

Friday, January 18th

Don Osborne – Brandon Harris Memorial Tournament

4:30pm – TeePees (1) vs CeeBees (5)
6:15pm – Clarenville (3) vs Bay Arena (2)

Saturday, January 19th

8:00am – TeePees (1) vs Bay Arena (2)
9:45am – CeeBees (5) vs CBR (4)
11:30am – Clarenville (3) vs Marystown (2)
1:15pm – CBR (4) vs TeePees (1)
3:00pm – Ceremonial Game Clarenville (3) vs CeeBees (5)
5:00pm – CBR (4) vs Marystown (2)

Sunday, January 20th

8:00am – Marystown (2) vs Bay Arena (1)
9:45am – Atom Rep 3 (Rm 3)
10:45am – Championship Game

Monday, January 21st

4:00pm  PeeWee Rep 3 (Rm 1)
5:00pm  Novice (Rm 3/4)
6:00pm  PeeWee Rep 2 (Rm 2)
7:00pm  Atom Canucks & Oilers (Rm 3/4)
8:00pm  Midget Rep 2 (Rm 1)

Tuesday, January 22nd

4:00pm  Atom Rep 3 (Rm 1)
5:00pm  Midget Rep 1 (Rm 2)
6:00pm  Pre-Novice (3/4)
7:00pm  PeeWee 1 (Rm 1)
8:00pm  Female U20 Rep (Rm 6)

Wendy will be at the stadium on Monday, January 21st from 6-7 pm to collect remaining chocolate money. It is extremely important that all fundraising money be submitted so that credits can be calculated!!

Wednesday, January 23rd

4:00pm  Midget Rep 3 (Rm 1)
5:00pm  Bantam Rep 1 (Rm 2)
6:00pm  Bantam Bruins vs Sharks (Rm   3/4)
7:00pm  BR8KAWAY Hockey (Rm 5)
8:00pm  Bantam Rep 2 (Rm 1)

Thursday, January 24th

4:00pm Female U15 Rep (Rm 6)
5:00pm Atom Rep 1 (Rm 1)
6:00pm Atom Rep 2 (Rm 3/4)
7:30 – 9:00 pm  Goalie Clinic (Rm 1/2)

Friday, January 25th

U15 Female Home Tournament

4:00pm  PeeWee Wings & Penguins (Rm.   1/2)
5:00pm  TeePees vs Rovers  
6:20pm  Eagles vs CeeBees

Saturday, January 26th

8:00am  Rovers vs CeeBees
9:20am  Mariners vs Caribous
10:40am  Eagles vs TeePees
12:00pm  CeeBees vs Mariners
1:20pm  Carbious vs TeePees
2:40pm  PeeWee Female AA Practice
4:10pm  Caribous vs Eagles
5:30pm  Rovers vs Mariners

Sunday, January 27th

8:00am  Crossovers (1st Blue vs 2nd   Red)
9:30am  Crossovers (1st Red vs 2nd Blue
11:00am  Championship