Scheduling requests for the 2019-2020 season must be directed to the scheduling email at ceebeesschedule@gmail.com.

Please note for a team to be left off the schedule an approved travel form from the association must be sent along with your request. Personal calls, emails and texts to the scheduler will not be permitted!


Monday, September 30th

4:00pm  Atom Canucks vs Senators (Rm.   1/2)
5:00pm  Novice (Rm 3/4)
6:00pm  Pre-Novice (Rm 1/2)
7:00pm  High School Hockey (Rm 3/4)
8:00pm  Midget House League (1/2)

Tuesday, October 1st

4:00pm  PeeWee Wings vs Flyers (Rm 1/2)
5:00pm  Bantam Bruins vs  Sharks (Rm.   3/4)
6:00pm  Novice (Rm 1/2)
7:00pm  High School Hockey (Rm 3/4)
8:00pm  Midget Blue vs White (1/2)

Wednesday, October 2nd

4:00pm  Pre-Novice (Rm 1/2)
5:00pm  Atom Canucks vs Oilers (Rm   3/4) 
6:00pm  PeeWee Wings vs Penguins.   (Rm.  1/2)
7:00pm  BR8K AWAY (Rm 3/4)
8:00pm  Bantam Bruins vs Ducks (Rm.   1/2)

Thursday, October 3rd

4:00pm  High School Hockey (Rm 3/4)
6:30pm  Goalie Clinic (Rm 1/2)
8:00pm  PeeWee Flyers vs Penguins. (Rm. 3/4)

PeeWee Flyers vs Penguins. (Rm. 1/2)

Friday, October 4th

4:00pm  Novice (Rm 1/2)
5:00pm  Bantam Sharks vs Ducks (Rm.   3/4)
6:00pm  Atom Senators vs Oilers (Rm.   1/2)
7:00pm  Midget Blue vs White (Rm 3/4)

Saturday, October 5th

8:00am  Bantam Bruins & Sharks (Rm.   1/2)
9:00am  Atom Canucks & Senators (Rm.   3/4)
10:00am  Bantam Bruins & Ducks (Rm.   1/2)
11:00am  Atom Canucks & Oilers (Rm.   3/4)
12:00pm  PeeWee Wings & Flyers (Rm.   1/2)
1:00pm  Midget House League (Rm 3/4)
2:00pm  PeeWee Wings & Penguins.   (Rm. 1/2)
3:00pm  Pre-Novice (Rm 3/4)
4:00pm  PeeWee Female AAA Practice.   (Rm 6)
6:00pm  Bantam AAA Practice (Rm 1/2)

Sunday, October 6th

8:30am  Novice (Rm 3/4)
9:30am  Bantam Sharks & Ducks (Rm.   1/2)
10:30am  Atom Senators & Oilers (Rm.   3/4)
11:30am  PeeWee Flyers & Penguins.   (Rm.  1/2)

Monday, October 7th

4:00pm Bantam Bruins & Sharks (Rm 1/2)
5:00pm Atom Canucks & Senators (Rm 3/4)
6:00pm Novice (Rm 1/2)
7:00pm High School Hockey (Rm 3/4)
8:00pm Midget House League (Rm 1/2)

Tuesday, October 8th

4:00pm Female High School Hockey (Rm 6)
5:00pm PeeWee Wings & Flyers (Rm 1/2)
6:00pm Pre-Novice (Rm 3/4)
7:00pm Junior High Hockey (Rm 1/2)
8:00pm Bantam Bruins & Ducks (Rm 3/4)

Wednesday, October 9th

Wendy will be at the DCHGCC on Wednesday, October 9th from 4:00- 6:00pm to distribute the last 40 boxes of chocolates first come first served and to collect remaining chocolate money!

4:00pm Female High School Hockey (Rm 6)
5:00pm Female House League (Rm 1/2)
6:00pm Atom Canucks & Oilers (Rm 3/4)
7:00pm BR8K AWAY (Rm 1/2)

Thursday, October 10th

Wendy will be at the DCHGCC on Thursday, October 10th from 7:00-8:00 pm to distribute Christmas Calendar Draw tickets!

4:00pm Major Midget Practice (Rm 5)
5:30pm Junior High Hockey (Rm 1/2)
6:30pm Goalie Clinic (Rm 3/4)
8:00pm PeeWee Wings & Penguins (Rm 1/2)

Friday, October 11th

4:00pm Midget House League (Rm 1/2)
5:00pm Atom Senators & Oilers (Rm 3/4)
6:00pm Bantam Sharks & Ducks (Rm 1/2)
7:00pm PeeWee Flyers & Penguins (Rm 3/4)

Saturday, October 12th

8:00am Atom Canucks vs Senators (Rm 1/2)
9:00am Bantam Bruins vs Ducks (Rm 3/4)
10:00am Atom Canucks vs Oilers (Rm 1/2)
11:00am Bantam Bruins vs Sharks (Rm 3/4)
12:00pm PeeWee Wings vs Flyers (Rm 1/2)
1:00pm Bantam Sharks vs Ducks (Rm 3/4)
2:00pm PeeWee Flyers vs Penguins (Rm 1/2)
3:00pm Female House League (Rm 6)
4:00pm Bantam AAA female Practice (Rm 1/2)
6:00pm Bantam AAA Practice (Rm 3/4)

Sunday, October 13th

8:30am Novice (Rm 1/2)
9:30am Pre-Novice (Rm 3/4)
10:30am Atom Senators vs Oilers (Rm 1/2)
11:30am PeeWee Wings vs Penguins (Rm 3/4)